Coach Justin


I have been a runner and triathlete nearly my entire life. I started running at a young age and completed my first half marathon when I was 11 years old. At that point, running quickly became a lifelong passion for me. I ran cross country and indoor/outdoor track at Hatboro-Horsham High School all while focusing on triathlon outside of cross country and track practice. I completed my first half iron distance race in 2011 and my first full Ironman in Lake Placid in 2013. It was then that triathlon became a true passion for me. I have since completed three more Ironman triathlons (Ironman Maryland, Ironman Chattanooga, and the Ironman World Championships) and multiple marathons including, the Boston Marathon.

My passion for endurance sports is what drove me to become an Exercise Science major at Bloomsburg University where I graduated in 2017. Along with triathlon, coaching has always been a passion of mine and in January 2017 I received my USA Triathlon Level 1 coaching certification. I plan on continuing my education and adding more certifications in the near future. Since graduation, I have returned to Hatboro-Horsham High School as a cross country, indoor, and outdoor track coach.

When it comes to coaching, one of my main goals is to help athletes of all abilities achieve their goals and develop a passion for a sport that I have come to love so much over the years. I enjoy working with athletes of all abilities whether you are brand new to the sport or are training to race an iron distance event (or beyond) in the near future. I like to have frequent communication with my athletes and when it comes to developing each individual training plan, I strive to keep it challenging yet fun. I also like to focus on nutrition and strength training so that each athlete is fully prepared for their race and hopefully learning something in the process!